Short haired redhead with glasses at Goodwill

Inspired by a craigslist missed connections story

 I don’t go to Goodwill that often, but I love clothes and money doesn’t love me, so here’s the solution.

I just finished my shift at the frozen yogurt store. It’s been a less than thrilling day; one of the machines levers was stuck and the yogurt wouldn’t stop pouring out, so I tried catching it with my hands, but of course that didn’t work. Our bathrooms were all taken and my shift was running up, so I just slapped some hand sanitizer on and hoped for the best.

It wasn’t my smartest decision because now here I am…in this goodwill staring at you, the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, and I’m afraid if I introduce myself you’ll want to shake my sticky froyo-covered hand.

Your hair is cut short; it tucks in right at your chin, and I’ve never seen anyone rock bangs the way you do, but then again maybe it’s just the beauty of your red hair. I’m staring at you, and noting how I shouldn’t be staring at you so intently, but you look up. You’re holding a pair of jeans in your hand…they’re a light wash denim that have been worn in, and you lock eyes with me. You smile a little and then push up your red-rimmed glasses that I know should clash with your hair’s coloring, but instead make it shine more so than without.

You have the air about you that one might be intimidated by; I think about giving you my number, but I’m too shy for the likes of that…and you’re probably already taken, with your charisma and charm.

I look down quickly, hoping you’ll look away so I can examine you once again, but when I glance back up you’ve turned and tucked yourself into a dressing room. I would wait and see what the jeans look like and maybe introduce myself, but I’m so afraid my cake-batter aroma will scare you off.

So, I’m writing on craigslist, maybe you like craigslist? Maybe it’s a fun past time to see what other people are up to…I’ve only just discovered it, seeing as ‘how do I find the girl I just fell in love with at a goodwill’ didn’t yield as many results as I’d have preferred.

Maybe you’ll see this and we can grab coffee…or a drink, if you like bars, just anything but frozen yogurt…


The human in the sports attire that smelled like cake-batter and stared at you

(p.s I hope the jeans fit.)


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