Where I’m From

I am from Coffee,
From plucked strings and calloused fingers
I am from the Campbell sense of humor
(Crude, corny,
it stings like river water)
I am from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
The third book, but never the sixth movie
Fuzzy socks in the kitchen and
“You can’t marry a man if he can’t dance”

I am from biscuits and lotion
From “oh boy” and accidental indoor boats
I’m from the Tarzan soundtrack
And the Magic Kingdom
From Ricky-Bobby in the rain and thanking the Phoenicians
I’m from riding with the windows down
And harmonized belting
When lyrics aren’t necessary

I’m from McKenna and Stroud
Clay courts and acrylic paints
From “whatcha thinking about”
To the Old Line State
The grandparents I never met

The shelf in my closet holds my childhood
The scrapbook I begged to be completed
The dolls from my Grandfather,
Collected by one he never knew.
I am a medley of mixed harmonies
The key ever changing
A McKenna-Campbell kind of composition