A Different Presidential Race

Inspired by a fun prompt I found on the interweb…thanks tumblr 

    She couldn’t remember a single thing about any of the presidential candidates. There was the one with the big nose, the one with the loud mouth, and the one who didn’t seem to talk at all. She knew she should have been paying attention; after all it was up to high-schoolers to choose the next president, but she couldn’t find it in her to care.

She knew she was supposed to care about her next president and the future of her country, but she still thought it was stupid that kids between the ages of fourteen and eighteen were given the fate of the nation. Something about the ‘untouched political opinions’ teenagers had, but the parents were still talking down everyone’s ears.

She’d given up on voting before she’d even turned fourteen. Everyone was trying to tell her which way to vote, who was the better candidate, who would best equip the country for the future, but she didn’t know…and none of their speeches gave her any insight anyways. Her first round of voting she eenymeenyminymo’d her way through.

At least now the older generations were forced to take her generation more seriously, after all, she was in charge of choosing their future. Talks of ‘well your generation’ this and ‘your generation’ that quickly disappeared. The country depended on the youth, which was nice, but even with that in mind she couldn’t concentrate on the ballot in front of her.

The first name she vaguely could recall, he made awful ads providing no information of himself, but only pointing out the flaws of his opponents. She didn’t find that altogether admirable. The second name was the guy who tried to sell them on his campaign. He tried to relate to her generation in, what could only be described as, an utterly failed attempt. In the end it felt like he was mocking who they were, something else she didn’t find all that admirable.

The only name left was of someone she couldn’t remember at all. He must have slid by, so unmemorable that nothing positive or negative could be attributed to him. He’ll win. She thought. But only because no one can think of a reason not to vote for him. But she could think of many; just because someone snuck by didn’t mean he was a good choice, he just hid behind the stupidity of the others. He didn’t clearly state what he stood for, which was almost as wrong in her eyes.

She stared at the ballot for two seconds longer before placing it back down, unmarked. She knew not voting didn’t improve the situation at hand, but she simply couldn’t choose between three candidates who were equally as unimpressive.


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