Power Moves Only

You may be asking yourself: hey Lizzy, I’m a cool hip 40 year-old mom, but what does ‘power move’ mean? Well lemme tell ya, you cool hip momma that follows my blogga.

According to Urban Dictionary, when one pulls a stunt that shows she has outdone others and retains complete control of the situation, and dares anyone to challenge this.

I don’t really agree with that, so I asked my sorority sisters! Jonna said “this is gonna sound bad, but, like, asserting your dominance while still being respectful”.  Logan chimed in, adding: “something that makes you feel like a bad b*tch”, and Jess argued, “if you’re not being respectful then you’re not a bad b*tch, you’re just a b*tch”.

So I started to think about the Bad B moves I’d been making recently in my life.

A list of power moves I have done recently:

  • Egg and Cheese on a CINNAMON SUGAR bagel
    • Shoutout to Will Campbell for teaching me this power play
  • GrubHubbing Coffee to my sorority house
    • I may have accidentally put in my dorm as the designated delivery location and I may have had to call the company and tell them to come to the “Kappa Kappa” house.
  • Applied for far too many jobs that I do not expect to get
    • I mean, like a lot a lot of jobs. I like to stay busy
  • Auditioned for like 5000 some musicals/plays/short films
    • I mean, I really like to stay busy


Last night I was hanging with some cool chicas, and I was utterly shocked when one of them, out of nowhere, said: “I think Lizzy is the most BAD A person I’ve ever met.” ((She didn’t say the words ‘BAD A’, but this is a facebook-mom-friendly blog, so I’ll let you imagine the rest.))

It’s really crazy to me when people think I’m cool, or BAD A. Some guy earlier this year said the same thing to me, but I trust my friend’s opinion more. Now, I think I’m a coolish gal, but in that weird English-kid theatre-nerd kinda way? I mean, maybe that’s considered BAD A nowadays, but I don’t know.

“Hey, Jess do you think I’m cool?”
“No. Actually yea, I do. You used to scare me. Because you’re really nerdy and pretty and talented, so I didn’t think I was worthy of your friendship.”

WHAT?!? I’M JUST NOW LEARNING THIS! I think my extroverted-ness can be slightly intimidating, but I’d never imagine people actually think I’m cool.

Anyways, everyone should embrace their Bad B side and make some Power Moves®. Happy-Kappy Wednesday

Bonjour Facebook Moms!

The English translation is at the bottom

J’ai un cours de français à 2h00, alors voice un poste entièrement en français. Chuis pas la meilleur à écrire en français, donc ce sera probablement mauvais.

Récemment, je pensais beaucoup de mon futur. Cette grande idée qui trouble les foules et  inspire les rêveurs. Je veux faire si beaucoup dans ma vie, trop beaucoup être franche, mais il n’y a pas de temps suffisant. Un jour je veux devenir une écrivaine qui change les opinions du monde, un autre jour je veux juste devenir un prof. Je sais que j’ai beaucoup de temps à decider, mais je suis une personne qui aime planifier. J’ai besoin de structure constante pour sentir comme un personne sain. C’est probablement pourquoi je pense que je dois planifier toute ma vie maintenant.

Pourquoi est-ce que j’ai peur d’être seul, pas seulement au sense littéral, mais dans la vie. Je pense que c’est ma plus grand peur, peut-être c’est stupide, je ne sais pas. Je sais que je suis jeune et cela signifie que j’ai nombreuses d’occasions de rencontrer les gens. Et si je manque un opportunité? Quoi alors?

Ces sentiments se sentent mieux en français, peut-être parce que ne personne comprendre. Alors la douleur sens en sécurité en une autre langue.  Mais quelle est la vraie langue de douleur? De désir? De les mots qui on ne peut pas dire, on ne veut pas dire. Tout est compliqué en Anglais. C’est peut-être pourquoi j’aime les autres langues, parce que il y a des choses je ne veut pas dire en anglais.

Par example: je me sens seule maintenant. Et je sais c’est pas le cas. Je sais qu’il y a tellement de gens qui m’aime, qui m’encourage, qui veut le meilleur pour moi. Et je suis très contente avec ça. Si contente avec ça! Mais de temps en temps je me demande si j’ai été faite pour être seul. Peut-être que c’est juste la façon il était censé être. Peut-Être que je dois être contente avec ça.

I have a French class at 2:00, so here is an entire post written in French. I’m not the best at writing in French, so this’ll probably be bad.

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about my future. That grand idea that troubles the masses and inspires the dreamers. I want to do so much in my life, too much to be honest, but there’s not enough time. One day, I want to become a writer and change the opinions of the world, but another day I just want to become a teacher. I know that I have so much time to decide, but I’m someone who likes to plan. I need constant structure to feel like a sane being. That’s probably why I feel like I need to plan my whole life right now. 

And why am I afraid of being alone, not just in a literal sense, but in life. I think it’s my greatest fear, and maybe that’s stupid, I don’t know. I know that I’m young and that means I have so many chances to meet people. But what if I miss a chance? What then?

These feelings are are better felt in French, maybe because no one can understand them. Pain feels safe in another language. But what is the real language of pain? Of longing? Of the words we can’t say or don’t want to say? Everything is complicated in English. Maybe that’s why I like other languages, because there are things I don’t want to say in English.

For instance: I feel alone right now. And I know that’s not the case. I know there are so many people who love me, who are rooting for me, who want the best for me. And I’m very happy with that. Really happy with that. But from time to time I wonder if I was made to be alone. Maybe that’s just the way it was supposed to be. Maybe I have to be okay with that.

I’m not too worried about it.