Facts Don’t Care about Feels (or smthn)

Hello dear friends (and strangers). I love your top, is that new? Really compliments that shade of color in your eye.

I read a sign the other day that said something along the lines of “Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings”. Which was a little bit funny to read, because what that dear sign-holder did not realize was that Facts don’t care about much of anything.

His sign was correct, facts don’t give a shit about feelings. They are harsh, cruel, eye-opening bullies that come to punch down every sensitive soul standing in the path of their destruction.

Said Sign-Holder seemed to think Facts were singularly on his side, but Facts are the true unbiased politician. How often do we really listen to them? How often do we let our feelings overrule the great enemy of Fact?

I’ll admit, there are lots of Facts I would not like to believe. I don’t like thinking about the thousands of tragedies my ancestors caused, because I know it wasn’t my fault; I don’t feel responsible for that. But Facts don’t care about my feelings.

I don’t like to think that humans are killing the environment. That the damage we will cause by 2040 would take 54 trillion dollars to fix! I don’t like thinking about how humans could rapidly fix this issue, but because of our state-of-denial we will choose to do nothing. You may feel like this issue does not pertain to you; you may feel like these facts are bogus and made up by some tree-hugging-agenda, but guess what? These facts don’t give a single Frick-Frack about your feels!

Did you know that if we took what we fed to animals in the meat industry and utilized it for direct consumption we could feed billion more people! Or that it takes 1,056 gallons of water to make a gallon of coffee? I hate those Facts, trust me. But that oh-so-terrible enemy of the world doesn’t mind that life-altering facts keep me up at night.

So, my dearest Sign-Holding lifelong neighbor – the Fact that you are holding such a sign does not change the Truth that you avoid Facts just as often as I. You, like me, pretend you are not responsible for the damage being caused around you. We call ourselves educated when we know a few things about a few things, but become defensive when called out on our ignorance. We pick sides and call the other one wrong. Does that not seem messed up? Do you, too, feel as if we’re back in middle school, fighting over which sport to play in P.E?

I hate when people assume I’m dumb. It is by far one of my biggest pet peeves. People are not dumb simply because they disagree with you. That’s not what makes people dumb. Ignoring facts is what makes people dumb. Ignoring feelings makes people dumb. Facts don’t care about our feelings, but in a world full of emotion, one cannot choose to ignore those little buggers either.

Emotions are often the driving force behind others actions. A not-so-wise man once said women were too “emotional” to be in office, but I believe after a recent court hearing, we can agree that being an emotional candidate does not hold one back from being elected.

Feelings are deeply human. We cannot choose to ignore the way something makes us feel. To ignore such a thing would be inhumane. Unless, of course, we wished to reside in a robotic community. Actually—I think I may be onto something with that…

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